How to Join GCSAR

How to join GCSAR

  • Send us an e-mail to with your contact information, letting us know that your interest.
  • Attend a meeting. And receive an application and I-9 form.
  • Submit the application, I-9 form, copy of Drivers License and other ID as required by instructions on the IRS I-9 form.
  • GCSAR will review your application.
  • Garfield County Sheriffs Office will perform a background check.
  • The GCSAR Board of Directors will invite you to be interviewed.
  • Upon completed and successful application, background check, and interview; you will be voted in as a probationary member.
  • Requirements in becoming a fully fieldable Search and Rescue member. (The following trainings are provided free of charge by GCSAR.) 

    o Pay $40.00 one time dues to cover the cost of training materials
    o Assemble the gear that you will be required to carry. This can be expensive, depending on what you already have. A complete list will be provided upon acceptance.
    o CPR and First Aid certification
    o FEMA IS-100
    o FEMA IS -700
    o Read and understand GCSAR’s “Standard Operating Guidelines”, “By-Laws” and our “Memorandum of Understanding with Garfield County”
    o Satisfactorily complete SARTEC II. This class typically requires attending 15 weekday evening classes and 5 full day weekend field trainings.

Upon Satisfactory completion of the above items, GCSAR’s Board of Directors will perform a final interview and hold a vote as to whether you will be accepted as a GCSAR Fully Fieldable Member.

Once you have been accepted you will need to meet the following minimum requirements yearly.

o Attend 4 trainings per year
o Participate in 4 missions per year
o Perform 8 Hours of Administrative tasks per year

These are minimums and we would prefer you participate as much as possible. As with most things, the more you put into them, the more you will get out of them.