Medical Training Resources

Medical Training Resources

Garfield County Search and Rescue does not endorse any of the following organizations.

There are many good organizations that teach medical courses.

Check your local area for courses near you.

Garfield County Search and Rescue does not offer medical training courses.

We recommend that people receive some kind of medical training, whether it be a Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, or an EMT course. It is also important that CPR training be included.

It is imperative that a person keeps current in their medical training. Like any other discipline techniques change and evolve. A “medical technique” used ten years ago is not necessarily the “medical technique” to use today.

The following is a list of resources for medical training.


Wilderness Medicine Institute
National Outdoor Leadership School
284 Lincoln Street
Lander WY 82520
Phone:  866-831-9001
Fax:       307-335-2355
Web Page:

Wilderness Medical Associates
189 Dudley Road
Bryant Pond ME 04219
Phone:    207-665-2707
Toll Free:  888-945-3633
E-mail:  Office
Web Page: Wilderness Medical Associates

Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO)
PO Box 3150
Conway NH 03818
Phone:  603-447-6711
Fax:       603-447-2310
E-Mail:  SOLO
Web Page: SOLO

Information Resources

Wilderness Medical Society
3595 East Fountain Blvd Ste A-1
Colorado Springs CO 80910
Phone:  719-572-9255
Fax:      719-572-1514
E-mail:  Office
Web Page: WMS

Comment: A good source for wilderness medical books. Check out their store site.

Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute
Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania
230 McKee Place Suite 500
Pittsburgh PA 15213-4904
Phone:  412-578-3203
E-mail:  Office
Web Page: WEMSI

WEMSI is a project of The Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania and The Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference

WEMSI’s mission is to improve medical care for people remote from the Emergency Medical Services system. We work for improved Wilderness EMS in three ways: teaching; research; and directly providing Wilderness EMS services.

First Aid Kit Suppliers

Atwater Carey

Adventure Medical Kits